Safari 13 Released For Mac OS

Apple released Safari 13 a few days ago. I have been using the Beta version or a while. It seems pretty stable, I have had no problems. There are a few improvements in this Safari release. This is the version in Catalina. Here is a list of some of the improvements and changes.

Safari 13

This upgrade to Safari is not earth shattering, but anything that makes the browser more functional and work better is welcome. Apple lists the new features and improvements as:

  • Includes an updated start page with Favorites, frequently visited, and most recently visited websites
  • Provides a warning if a weak password is typed when signing in to a website and helps to upgrade it to a strong password
  • Adds the ability to enable Picture in Picture from the audio button in a tab
  • Enables jumping directly to an already-open tab from the search completion list when the website address is typed into the Smart Search field
  • Adds support for authentication using USB security keys on supported websites

In addition to the above items, Apple says there are several Security and Privacy improvements as well. 

One more thing to consider. It appears Safari 13 deprecates support for legacy Extensions. It forces you to reinstall Extensions from the Mac App Store.


If you are a Safari user it is probably worth your while to update to version 13. You will be using it anyway when you install Catalina. I am sure this version of Safari goes back to the High Sierra OS, maybe even Sierra. If deprecated Extensions is an issue for you, then you might have to use a different web browser.