Safari Pinned Tabs

The Tab feature in Safari is powerful and quite versatile. I use it all the time, but I must admit I do not avail myself of all the features that Safari Tabbing offers. One of those features, Pinned Tabs, can be very handy, especially if you need to keep certain websites open for monitoring all day long. The Pinned Tab feature is easy to use, here is how it works.

Pinned Tabs

If you have several websites open in Tabs in Safari, it is easy to Pin one or more of those Tabs to the Safari window. There are two ways to Pin a Tab. One way is to drag the Tab to the left area of the Tab Bar. It will turn into a Pinned Tab with the site favicon showing. The second way to Pin a Tab is to right-click on the Tab and select “Pin Tab”:

Pin Tab

The Tab favicon will appear in the left corner area of the Tab Bar:

Tab Corner

If you need to work with or monitor several websites during the day, using the Pinned Tab feature might come in real handy:

Several Pins

Just tap on the site when you need it and it fills the Safari window. You can UnPin or Close the Tab by right-clicking on it:

Close Tab

Pinned Tabs stay in place when you close and then open Safari again. They will still be there until you UnPin or Close them.

The Pin Tab feature has been in Safari for a while. I am just now starting to use it in my workflow, it really is handy. 


If you need to monitor or use several websites at certain times during the day, Pinned Tabs could be a real time and screen real estate saver.