Using Document Icons

Some things have existed in the macOS for years that we have never noticed. One of those things is the Document Icons. Many Apps on the Mac create a small icon in the top portion of a document window. The icon is usually consistent with the type of document your are using. We pretty much do not notice this, but you can manipulate a document using that icon. Here is how that is done.

Document Icons

The Mac Finder gets better and better all the time. However, it has contained some features over the last few years that are seldom used. One of those features is Document Icons. Here is what I mean by Document Icon as seen in the Pages App:

Document Icon

The Document Icon is right there in the top document window. The Document Icon represents the document. Here is a short video on how this works for printing quickly:

When you click on the document icon, you have to hold on to it for a second or so (click and hold). Then, drag it down onto the printer icon in your Dock. Of course this presupposes you have added a printer icon or two in your Dock which is a good idea, very convenient. 

Here is what this looks like in the Preview App:

Another Icon

Now, this does not work in every App on the Mac, but it does work for many of them. Besides printing, you can drag the document icon to other locations of your Mac or drag it onto another application to open or transfer it. This is just a quick way of interacting with a document on your Mac. I think it is especially useful for printing a quick one-off of a document.


The Document Icon is an unobtrusive little thing in the document window, but it can be made to do handy things.