Adding QR Code Scanner To Control Center

In the last couple of iterations of iOS I have learned to use the Control Center for many little things that I do on my iOS Device. It is totally cool that you can add and remove functions from the Control Center. One feature I am using more often on my iPhone 11 is the QR Code Reader. Here is how to add it to the Control Center.

Control Center Add

To add anything to the Control Center you start at the Control Center Setting:

Control Center

Once in the Control Center tap on Customize Controls:

Customize Controls

Then scroll down to expose QR Code Reader and tap the “plus” symbol:

QR Code Reader

It will be added to the functions already in your Control Center:

Reader Added

Now when you need to scan a QR code just go into your Control Center and tap on the icon:

Code Reader

You will be able to point the Code Reader brackets on the code for scanning:

Code Brackets

That is all there is to it to setup the QR Code Reader in the Control Center.


The Control Center is super handy. I just need to remember it is there in my day to day use of my iOS Devices.