Catalina Apple ID Grief

I am really liking the new macOS Catalina, but it does have some issues here and there. One problem I noticed all through the Beta stages and continues today is the constant requirement to sign in to your Apple ID. It seems to stay signed in for a while, but then it goes away. Here is what I mean:

Apple ID Sign In

If I leave my iMac for an extended amount of time my Apple ID seems to sign out for some reason:

Apple ID Signin

So I click on the “Continue” button and sign in once again:

Sign In Window

Once I do that I have to wait for the computer Authentication sign in:

Computer Sign In

Once I have entered my computer password all is well, at least for a while:

Finished Sign In

If there is some solution to this, please let me know. For now, I am hoping it will be fixed in the 10.15.1 update to Catalina along with a few other things.


Catalina is a great operating system, but it does need to have a few problems fixed. I am sure Apple will take care of it, eventually.