Catalina Install

Well, I finally went ahead and installed the new Catalina OS. I had to wait for a few updates to some of my more important Apps. The install was fairly painless, if not a bit slow. Here is my experience so far with the install and with running Catalina on my main workflow iMac.

Catalina Install

Before even attempting this install I did several things:

  1. Waited for mission critical Apps to be updated for Catalina.
  2. Backed up my Main iMac using Chronosync.
  3. Backed up my Photos Library using Chronosync
  4. Cloned by main iMac and Photos Library to external hard drives using Carbon Copy Cloner.

Only after doing these things did I begin the installation. I installed Catalina from the Mac App Store. It took about 30 minutes to download and install:

Catalina Install

At the beginning of the install, the Catalina installer produced this message:

32-bit Apps

After clicking “Continue”, the actual install went fairly well except for one problem. After most of the install was completed it got stuck on “Setting Up Your Mac”:


It sat there for about 15 minutes. I became a little concerned so I did some research online. I discovered the Catalina install getting stuck at this point is a common problem. Most peoples solution was to force shutdown the Mac by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds and then Restarting. This worked for me, the iMac started up to the login screen. Here is what happened after logging into Catalina for the first time.

Catalina First Boot

Be prepared to do all kinds of permission activity when you first login. Some of that occurs in the Security and Privacy Pref Pane, but there was a bunch of activity at the Notifications Center:

Screenshot 2019 10 10 at 12 29 10

Every App in existence wanted to have permission for Notifications. I did a bunch of these let me tell you. Also, you can get these permission requests as you use other Apps along the way. Needless to say, your first day or two using Catalina will involve a lot of permission giving. Just be patient. Once you are through this stage you are good to go for future use.

By the way, a lot has been discussed about Catalina not running 32-Bit Apps. This how an App appears in the Applications Folder that will not run in Catalina:

Screenshot 2019 10 10 at 13 06 58

You can either seek out an update from the Developer or Delete it. This icon is for Accountedge Basic. I will probably just remove it from my system in the near future since I am not using it anymore.


I have not been using Catalina on my iMac for very long, but so far so good. It is quite snappy, things seem to be working well. There are new features and new tweaks to the OS which I will comment on as I go along. If you feel comfortable doing the update, I say go for it.