Control Which Apps Use The Mac Camera

Computer security and privacy is a really big deal these days as it should be. More people are aware of the various security risks involving computer use. People’s computer security measures take various paths. Some people employ mild security measures and others are on the totally paranoid end of the spectrum. I think I am kind of in the middle somewhere. One perceived security risk in all of this is the Camera on your Mac.

Mac Camera Security

Some people are oblivious to any security risk to the Mac Camera. Others go so far as putting a post-it note or piece of tape over the camera. I am not sure if the Mac Camera is that great a risk, but there is a way you can limit which Apps use the Mac Camera which does reduce security risks to a degree.

The place to control and limit which Apps use your Mac Camera is the Security and Privacy Pref Pane:

Security & Privacy

Once in Security & Privacy Preference area click on the Privacy Tab:

Privacy Tab

When you are in this area you will have to Authenticate with your Macs password to proceed. Then click on “Camera” in the left sidebar:


I do not think I really need to have Camera access for the Acorn App. So, just uncheck that App for Camera usage:

Uncheck Camera

Now, while you are in this area, scroll through these Apps and uncheck whatever you prefer. You could go so far as to uncheck all of them if you are not intending to use your Mac Camera. That would be a very stringent security measure, but it might appeal to some of you.


Apple does a pretty good job of protecting our privacy and maintaining security in the macOS. However, much of our daily security is up to us. There are things we can do to make our computing experience more secure.