iOS 13 Dark Mode Toggle

Using Dark Mode in macOS or iOS 13 takes some getting used to. However, once I used it for a while there is no turning back. There are times though when I need to switch back to Light Mode for a specific task. I made a toggle script in MacOS Mojave just for that purpose. IOS 13 has its own toggle for this purpose in Settings. But, you can place that command in the Control Center for easy access.

Dark Mode Toggle

If you think you may be switching back and forth between Dark and Light Mode in iOS 13 it is in your interest to put the Dark Mode command in the Control Center. You can do that in the tapping on Control Center in the Settings area:

Control Center

Once you are in this area Tap on Customize Controls to get to this screen:

Dark Mode Controls

Then, Tap on the plus symbol next to Dark Mode to add the command feature to the Control Center:

Dark Mode Added

Now when you back out of the Settings area and go into your Control Center you will see the Dark Mode icon:

Control Center Icon

All you have to do is Tap on that icon to toggle between Light and Dark Mode. I stay in Dark Mode most of the time. However, I am finding that iOS 13 switches to Light Mode on its own volition for whatever reason. When that happens I just got to Control Center and do the easy switch to Dark Mode.


iOS 13 has lots of new, cool features. I really like Dark Mode, but I also like the ease with which you can change things around in the OS.