Magic Trackpad Three Finger Drag

I alternate between using my Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. One of the things, at least for me, is to activate using Three Finger Drag on the Trackpad. I move stuff around a lot and using the Three Finger Drag is easy and saves time. The macOS does not come with Three Finger Drag activated, you have to turn it on; here is how you do that in Catalina and Mojave.

Three-Finger Drag Activate

To activate Three Finger Drag in Catalina start at the Accessibility Pref Pane:

Accessibility Pref Pane

Once you are in that area click on Pointer Control in the sidebar and then Trackpad Options:

Pointer Control

If you are in macOS Mojave, you click on Mouse & Trackpad in the sidebar and then Trackpad Options:

Mouse & Tackpad

Once you are in this next area check the box for Enable dragging and select three finger drag from the drop down:

Selecting Three Finger Drag

I guarantee you this will make your Magic Trackpad eminently more useful in day to day operations. Of course, if you do not like Three Finger Drag for some reason, you can always go here to deactivate it. But, for me, if stays on all the time.


Using Three Finger Drag is helpful in my daily workflow. If you are not using it with a Magic Trackpad, give it a try.