Nomorobo For iOS

Since I switched my home phone over to Comcast Voice I was able to sign up for the Nomorobo spam service. It works so well on my home phone I decided to put it on my iPhone. I have been using the Malwarebytes iOS Spam App for a while with mixed results. So far the Nomorobo iOS App system is the best I have tried. If you are thinking about getting some type of Spam phone call help on your iOS device, here is how Nomorobo works.

Nomorobo Overview

There are two things that might prevent someone from signing up for Nomorobo. The first is the price. The subscription cost is $19.95 for one year. That is fairly costly for an iOS subscription, but if you are totally frustrated with Spam calls on your iPhone it is worth the cost. I will cover the second reason that might make people hesitate to signup for Nomorobo in a bit.

Here is the main Nomorobo screen:

Nomorobo Screen

You can decide whether your blocked calls go to “Voicemail” or are just identified as a “Robocaller”. But, look right above that area to the “Numbers in Blacklist”. This is the value of Nomorobo. Their blacklist is precisely maintained and it is huge. You gotta love that friends. Also, you can see the various Settings at the bottom of the main window which we will consider in a bit.

There are a couple of things you need to do when you install Nomorobo. First, enter Settings / Messages / Blocked and activate Nomorobo:

Activate Nomorobo

Once that is done, then you can look through a few of Nomorobo’s Settings located at the bottom of the main window of the App.

Nomorobo Settings

I only want to consider a couple of things in the Settings area. First, Tap on Spam Texts:

Spam Texts

and follow the directions on the screen. Go into Settings / Messages / Unknown & Spam:

Unknown & Spam

Once in Unknown & Spam Tap on Nomorobo to activate SMS Filtering. I don’t know about you, but I get a few Spam Texts so I have activated this setting. However, here is the second thing I mentioned that might give you pause. When you activate the SMS Texting filtering you get this warning message:

Enable Nomorobo SMS

I suggest you read this carefully. For Nomorobo to filter your Spam Texts, they require a bunch of information. I would not blame you for not activating this feature. The bottomline is, do you trust the company or not. These days of privacy and security breaches has put people on alert. I think Nomorobo has a great reputation so I activated this setting.

There are a couple of other Settings, one is Web and Lookup. You can investigate those Settings on your own. I just wanted to conclude by briefly going into the actual Setting (small gear on the right):

Nomorobo Settings

This screen has a couple of Settings you can turn on or leave off. You should take a look in here for sure.


If you are exasperated with iOS Spam calls and texts, I highly recommend investing the $19.95 in the Nomorobo App. It is worth it for the peace of mind.