Safari 13 Website Downloads

Safari 13 is the latest version of Apple’s web browser that will be released with the new Catalina OS. However, Apple has released it a few days early ahead of Catalina. It seems to work just fine, but there are a few new items to note. One of those is the new Downloads setting in the Safari Websites Preference area.

Safari Website Downloads

Apple continues to enhance its software and hardware with more robust security and privacy features. One of those features is Downloads in the Safari Websites preferences area. To access the Website Downloads feature go into Safari Preferences and click on the Websites Tab:

Websites Downloads

Click on Downloads in the left sidebar area to select it and the download settings for several of your websites will appear in the right hand window area.

The thing to do is to click on a website and choose your download preference for that site from the dropdown menu:

Drop Down Menu

You can choose Ask, Deny, or Allow. Most of my sites are set to allow because of the way I interact with those sites, but you can set this up anyway you wish.

There is one more feature in the Downloads area that might be helpful to you. If you click on a website you can “Remove” it from the list:

Remove Sites

I removed several websites from this list. These were websites that I no longer interacted with, so away they went.


The new Safari 13 Downloads feature will come in handy. It is just a small feature in a long line of security improvements Apple is making in MacOS Catalina.