Twitter App Ported To Catalina

macOS Catalina contains many changes to the System itself, but it also has many new features. One of those features is called Catalyst which enables Developers to port their iPad Apps into the Mac OS. There have been several Apps ported over so far, you can see them in the Mac App Store. One very popular App that has been missing from the Mac for a while is the Twitter App. Here is what the Catalyst version of Twitter looks like on the Mac.


If you are using the Twitter App on your iPad, the Mac version will be very similar. It works really well and has tons of Settings. Here is the main window of the Mac Twitter App:

Twitter Main Window

It was easy to add my Twitter account. The Twitter App has tons of Settings. I am not going to cover all the Settings, there just is not enough time. You should download the App from the App Store and check them out yourself. But, here are a few Settings that jumped out to me starting with the main Settings window:

Settings and Privacy

I recommend going into the Privacy and safety Setting area, there are important safety settings in there:

Privacy and Safety

There are lots of Privacy settings in here, be sure to take a look and setup to your preferred level of privacy and safety.

There are various Filters you can apply to your Tweet Notifications:


There are a bunch of Settings in the Display and sound area as well:

Display and sound

One of the first things I did in this area was to increase the font size of the Tweets!

Look folks, I am only touching the surface here for the various ways you can tweak the new Mac Twitter App. It is free, just download it and play around with it. I have used other third party Twitter Apps over the past couple of years on my Mac, but I now prefer the official Twitter App.


If you are a Twitter user or follower, you should try the new, ported over Twitter App in Catalina. It works quite well, I have had no problems with it.