Catalina Mail App New Features

Even though I do not use the Apple Mail App any longer, my wife and many friends still do. So, I find myself helping them with the Mail App despite myself. The Mail App in Catalina has a few new features some of which I think could prove to be pretty handy. Let’s just take a look at Unsubscribe and the Mute Button.

Mail App Features

There are several new features in the Mail App, but I only wanted to touch on two of them, the Unsubscribe feature and the ability to Mute Emails.

I don’t know about you, but I get several emails everyday from various Mailing Lists. Some of them are fine and some of them are just plain annoying. If you are an Apple Mail user and feel the same as I do about Mailing List emails, then take heart, Apple is coming to the rescue. Apple has included an “Unsubscribe” feature in the Catalina Mail App. Here is how it works.


Click on an Email from a Mailing List and you will see this designation above the Email content:

Unsubscribe Button

It is identified as from a Mailing List and an Unsubscribe button appears above the content area. All you have to do is click on Unsubscribe. You will get this drop down message:

OK Button

Click OK and you are unsubscribed from that list. Mail sends a message from whatever email account that is in to the list people. This is a totally handy feature, I wish some of the other Email Apps I have used had this.

Mute Button

The second new Mail feature is the Mute Button. If you are involved in an Email conversation, but you no longer need to be a participant, you can use the Mute Button to opt out of notifications for that conversation:

Mute Button

All you have to do is select an email in that conversation and then click on the Mute Button in the Mail App Toolbar area. You will no longer receive notifications for that conversation. It does not remove the conversation, it just Mutes the notifications from it.


If you are using the Apple Mail App for your Email needs, then you should be encouraged that Apple is still upgrading and improving it.