Deleting Messages Attachments

I am sure most people are like me and make extensive use of the Mac and iOS Messages App. Sometimes I use Messages in place of Email for sending photos and other types of attachments. Sometimes I want to remove whatever attachment is on a Message. Here is how you do that in Mac and iOS.

Messages Attachements MacOS

In the MacOS you need select the Message conversation in question and then click on the “Details” link in the upper right corner of the window:


You will be taken to a screen similar to this one. You may have to scroll down a bit if you have a lot of attachments on that Message:

Details Window

I had to do a little blurring of information here to protect the innocent. Once you are at the attachment you wish to remove just right-click on it which will produce this menu:

Delete Menu

Click on “Delete” and you will receive a warning message. Click OK and the attachment is deleted.

Messages Attachements iOS

The procedure for deleting a Messages attachment in iOS is very similar to the Mac. You start the same way by going into the Message conversation area. In iOS you tap on the avatar of the person you are texting which produces this little menu:


Tap on “Info” and you will be taken to this screen:

Menu Choices

If you tap and hold on the photo (or other items) a menu appears at the bottom of the window. If you tap on “More” you will get a window with a Garbage Can in the bottom left corner:

Delete Photo

You can see the photo is selected here. Just tap the Garbage Can and it will be deleted after you tap through the warning message.


If for some reason you wish to Delete attachments from your Mac or iOS Messages App, it is easy to do. There is nothing wrong with saving a little space when you need it.