DuckDuckGo Safari Extension

I have used the DuckDuckGo Search Engine for years because of it’s privacy practices, they are excellent. A while back DuckDuckGo came out with a Privacy Extension that rates websites and includes other privacy and security features. However, Safari version 12 broke this Extension. I am pleased to announce that the DuckDuckGo Privacy Extension is back in Safari 13. Here is how it looks.

DuckDuckGo Extension

Here is what the DuckDuckGo Extension does for your web browsing:

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials is an extension for Safari that aims to block third-party trackers hidden on websites, such as those used by advertisers, which are used to collect data and build a profile of the user.

A second element of the add-on is the Privacy Dashboard, which informs the user of how their privacy is being protected. The dashboard explains how privacy is being enhanced for a site by the extension, as well as showing a “Privacy Grade” for each site

You can get the DuckDuckGo Privacy Extension in the Mac App Store:

DuckDuckGo PrivacyOnce installed you need to go into the Extensions Preference area of Safari and activate it:


Just check those two boxes and DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials will appear in your Safari menubar with a rating for the website you are currently viewing. If you click on the Extension in the menubar, you get this window:

Extension Window

Lets look at this by the numbers shall we:

  1. This is the rating for the security and privacy of the website. DuckDuckGo uses typical grades A thru F.
  2. This setting tells you if this is an encrypted connection. Not too big a deal unless you are on a site where you spend money and use credit cards.
  3. This setting shows if anyone is tracking you. If you click on the little arrow to the right, you can see a list of trackers.
  4. This setting shows that the Site Privacy is activated. 

Here is the DuckDuckGo review of another website:

Website Grade

This site gets a very low grade as you can see. If you click on that gear symbol you will be taken to the DuckDuckGo Essentials Settings area:


This shows you the Preferences. You can also check your Whitelist while you are in this area.


That pretty much as all there is to it. I think installing the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials Extension is kind of a no-brainer. It is free and just enhances your overall browsing privacy.