iOS 13 Adding Favorites To Maps

As previously mentioned, iOS 13 has many new, cool features. You can read about the major new features in online blogs, but you pretty much have to do some experimentation to find the smaller new features. A case in point is the new Favorites feature in the iOS Maps App. This is easy to setup and could be pretty handy.

Maps Favorites

The iOS 13 Maps App has a new Favorites feature. Favorites are locations that you travel frequently. Why would you need a Favorite? Well, you may wish to check the travel time to a known location during different times of the day. Or, you may be driving to a location that is always very difficult to find so you end up using Maps each time you go there. I am sure you can find other reasons to have Favorite Locations in the Maps App, here is how to set them up.

You start by entering the Maps Apps and taping on the “Add” button at the bottom of the window. If you don’t see the Favorites area, you can drag up on the little handle at the bottom of the screen to reveal it:

Favorites Add

Once in the Favorites Add area you can either tap on the “plus” icon to add that particular location to your Favorites or tap into the Search Box at the top of the window to locate an address that is not shown:

Plus and Search add

When the address is added, you will be taken to this setup screen:

Setup Screen

When you are finished setting up the address just click “Done”:


Now the address is in your Favorites. All you have to do is tap on it and hit “Go”:

Favorites Go

It really is pretty easy to setup a Favorite. If you end up with a lot of Favorites you will have to scroll through them at the bottom of the screen to find the one you want.


Apple Maps continues to improve both in the Mac OS and in iOS. Sometimes it is the little feature improvements that are the most useful.