iPadOS App Expose´

The more I use the new iPad OS 13 the more I like it. It was about time for an OS that takes advantage of the iPad’s unique capabilities. One of the new multitasking features in iPadOS is App Expose´ which allows you to see all open windows for a particular App. Here is how that works.

App Expose´

To use App Expose’ you need to have more than one window open for an application. In this case I am going to use the Safari web browser:

Safari App

To activate App Expose’ tap and hold on an app icon. You will see a menu similar to this one:

Show Apps Menu

Just tap on “Show All Windows” and all of the open Safari windows will appear on your iPad screen:

Safari Open Windows

If you happen to have more than one window open in Slide Over mode it would look something like this:

Windows Slide Over

If you tap on one of the windows it will come to the front. If you tap on the windows in Slide Over, all the Slide Over windows will appear no the screen:

Slide Over Full Screen

That is pretty much how it works. I have not used this too much, but it is helpful when you have several windows open in an App and need to switch back and forth between them.


iPadOS 13 has several new features that are helpful, especially ones in the multitasking area.