Pages New Feature Default Fonts

In keeping with another article on some new features in the latest Pages App 8.2 update, I wanted to discuss a new feature that will be very helpful to me. That new feature is the ability to set the Default Font Face and Size when you open your usual template in Pages.

Default Fonts

Here is my typical way that I use Pages. I open Pages using the Blank template almost all the time. Is use it primarily for word processing. When I do this, I usually have to set the font size to whatever my preference is. Most of the time I prefer Avenir 14 point fonts for my word processing documents. 

With the Pages 8.2 update, you can set this New Document font to whatever you prefer as a Default. To do this, go into the General Tab in the Preferences area:

Default Font

All you have to do is check the box next to Default Font which produces this drop down:

Font Setting

Click on the Font dropdown, select the font of your choice and set the size to your preferred font size:


I prefer Avenir 14-point font for most word processing that I create. Once you set the font and size, they will appear in your next New Document:

New Document

I suppose this is no big deal, but to set the Default Font for your New Documents is convenient and a real time saver.


There are several helpful new settings in the new Pages 8.2 release. I may cover a few others in future articles.