RecoverIt Data Recovery

Over time we all end up Deleting files or just plain losing files on our Macs. The best insurance for this type of loss is good backups. However, sometimes we lose files and they are just gone. Or, perhaps a hard drive is just dying and you cannot boot it up anymore. Or, maybe the Headers on the drive have been erased, but the data is still there somewhere. When these type of things happen you need a Data Recovery program. Recently I have been testing the Recoverit Data Recovery App from Wondershare. Here is how it works.

Recovery Data Recovery

Recoverit has three tiers of ownership. There is the Professional ($79), Ultimate (99$) and Technician ($399) licenses. It is obvious the Technician version is for professional tech support people. Yes, the costs are little high, but this is serious Tech Support software that is very powerful.

When you open Recoverit you get this window:

Main Window

The App automatically connects to all your devices. The main Mac Drive is listed at the top and External Drives listed in the next tier level. Below that you can Select a location. The typical locations of Trash and Desktop are listed here because that is where we lose files most often.

I did a file Recovery on the Trash to see how this works. Here is the result:

Trash Recovery

You can click on those folders in the sidebar to reveal different documents that have been thrown away in the right hand window area. To recover a file you must click the little box next to that file to select it. Then click the Recover button lower-right corner of the window. The file is recovered:

Recover Notice

Once you click OK you are taken to a Finder Dialogue to save the file:

Trash Recovery

I saved this text recovery in the Downloads Folder.

I decided to do another Recovery on my External Photos Drive. When I clicked Start I got a window with a progress bar:

Photos Recovery

One thing I noticed is this Recovery process can take quite a while. It is best to set it running and do other things. It does finish eventually:

Phote Recovery Process

When Recoverit is finished you can select a photo or photos for recovery. In this case I sent it to the Downloads Folder again, this is what it looked like:

Finished Recovery

The recovered photos are there for you to reclaim. You can see the path of the recovered photo in the Finder window.

Recoverit can reclaim files on Internal and External hard drives, Flash Drives, Memory Cards and other Removable Storage media. Here is what a Flash Drive looks like:

Flash Drive

This Flash Drive had been erased, but you can see what files are still there when running Recoverit.

There really are not any Settings with Recoverit. It is very simple to select the media you wish to search and then run the process. I never had any problems the App in any way.


Recoverit is a very capable App for recovering missing Files. It is a little pricey, but if the missing Data is important enough, then this App is a good way to go. I got it on sale, but in my opinion full price is worth it for the peace of mind. There are Mac and Windows versions.