Save YouTube Progress For Sharing

I suppose I watch a moderate amount of YouTube videos. Most of them are how to fix stuff around my house or how to do something in my woodworking shop. On occasion I want to share a YouTube video with friends which is not difficult. However, there are times when a video is quite long and all I want to do is have others watch it from a specific point. Here is how you do that in order to save others some time.

YouTube Video Share

Start with a YouTube video of choice:

YouTube Video

I want the other person to start this video right at the 2:07 mark. All you have to do is Pause the video and click on the Share button. You will be taken to this window:

Share Window

You can share a video in two ways. You can click on the Start check box, then click on one of the icons to share the video through that medium and then send it. I found this works sometimes and not other times. My favorite way to Share a link is to click on the Start box, then on the Copy button and past the link into an email to a friend:

Email Link

The number at the end of the link is 127 seconds, or 2:07. When you send this link to friends it will look something like this:

Received Email

When they click on the link they are taken to that very spot in the Video.

There are some caveats here. You cannot use the YouTube link for a second time because of the way it is created. Also, if the video has Ads, your friends have to get through the Ads first. Then the video starts right at the right place.


This is not a big deal, but if you want to share a longer video with friends it is nice to have it start at the most important part of the presentation if there is one.