Check Different Time Zones On iPhone

Are you a person that needs to monitor different Time Zones during the day? If you are, it is easy to do using your iPhone or iPad. You can use the built-in Clock App in iOS 13 or you can ask Siri, but there is a better way. Go to the App Store and download the World Clock Time Widget.

World Clock Time Widget

If you need to monitor time zones across the United States or other parts of the world this is the easiest way. Go to the iOS App Store, Search and Find World Clock Time Widget:

Tap on the “Get” button and install it on your iOS Device. When you open it up you will see a screen like this:

Tap on Add a Timezone to see this list:

The best way to add a City is type the name in the Search Box. I entered Cupertino and it came up in the monitoring window:

You can change that Analog clock to Digital if you wish. When you are ready, click on the “Plus” symbol in the upper right corner of the window and Add another city:

I added New York, but you can add any city you wish. There are some Settings in this little App, let’s take a look at it.

World Clock Settings

If you tap on the Settings gear you are taken to this screen:

Here you can see the various Settings for appearance. Now some of these Settings are only available in the Premium Version. More on that in a minute. So Far we are only in the Free Version of the App with Ads.

In the above window you can scroll down for some other features:

You can look through these to see what they do. I think adding the App to your Widgets would make it very handy when interacting with your iPhone.

Here is what you get when upgrading to what they call the Premium Club:

It costs a whopping $1.99 a year for a subscription. The best part of Premium to me is “Ad Free”. The App will still work in the Free version, but if you use Time Zone information a lot, I would just upgrade to Premium to get all the bells and whistles.

By the way, there is an “Edit” icon in the upper left corner of the main window. If you tap on it you can do a little Editing of your clocks:

I really like the “West To East” button to order your clocks. Also, if you tap on the Edit symbol next on one of the clocks you can adjust the name:

Just type in your preferred name and tap on “OK”.


If you are an International business person, you would have good reason to use the World Clock Time Widget. I have relatives across the United States, so I can use the App to very quickly remind myself what time it is in other time zones. Whatever reason you need the App for, it will not break the bank to get the Premium Version.