How To Scan Into iOS Mail

iOS 13 has some very nice features, one of which is the ability to scan documents into the Files or Mail Apps. I have covered scanning documents into the Files App in a previous article. If you are an iOS Mail App user, it might be useful to know how to scan a document into Mail for distribution. Here is how that is done.

Mail Scan

Open the Mail App on your iOS device and start a new Email:

Once you are finished addressing the Email, tap into the text area which brings up the keyboard:

Tap on the Scan icon in the list above the keyboard. It will take you into the Scan App on the iPhone. For more information on how to use the Scan App, check out the above linked article. Once you have scanned and saved your document, it will be placed into the Mail App text area:

When the document scan is in your text area, just type in your text and tap on the Send Arrow:

The Email is sent to the chosen address with the scan attached:

The Scan function in Mail turns the file into a PDF which is pretty much ideal for most uses.


The Scan function in iOS 13 is very cool. It is a handy feature for getting documents into your iPhone or Emailing them to other people.