Path Finder “Size Browser”

During the early days of macOS Catalina I started using the Mac Finder App again. My old standby Path Finder (Finder substitute) had not been updating enough yet to use. And, the current Mac Finder in Catalina is pretty decent, improving all the time. However, now that Path Finder has been updated to version 9 to use all its functionality in Catalina, I am back using it again and have discovered a neat little new feature called “”Size Browser””. Here is how that works.

Path Finder “Size Browser”

Let me begin by saying I do miss the Stacks feature in the Catalina Finder. I have created a work around in Path Finder which is not as good, but still helpful.

Now that I have that off my chest, let’s look at the “Size Browser”. It resides in the Path Finder toolbar area:

To use “Size Browser” just select an item like the Library in the Path Finder area. To my mind the main culprit for large items on your Mac in here is the Application Support Folder:

If you look through the Applications Support Folder you should be able to find some larger files that can be removed from your Mac. You need to be careful in here, you don’t want to throw away stuff that is necessary. In my case, I previously used and App called Made For Facebook. I have since Deleted that App from my Mac, but this folder in Application Support remains.

All you have to do is select the item in question and click on the Garbage Can in the upper right corner of the window and the item is removed. In this case the Made For Facebook folder was moved to the Trash. All I had to do was Empty the Trash and it was gone.

Yes, I know there are programs like Daisy Disk that list all the files on your Mac. These Apps take longer to use, but they do provide much more detail. However, if you just want a quick look to see what is taking up all the space on your Mac, using the Path Finder “Size Browser” is pretty handy.


The “Size Browser” feature alone is not a justification to buy and use Path Finder, but it does have added value with all the other things Path Finder can do.