Recovering Deleted Emails In iOS

You and I have done this. You are going through your Emails on your iPhone or iPad and you inadvertently Delete an Email that you meant to keep. Is there a way to get that Email back using your iOS device? Yes there is and here is how you do it.

Mail App Email Recovery

In the iOS Apple Mail App you begin by tapping on the “Mailboxes” link to go into the mailboxes area:

Then tap on the “Trash” icon:

Now when you are in the area of Deleted Emails just tap on the “Edit” link in the upper right corner of the window:

Next, tap on the button next to the Email you wish to recover which selects it. Once the Email is selected, tap on the “Move” link bottom middle of the screen:

Then just select where you want the Email to go:

Most of the time that will be the “Inbox”:

It is a bit of a convoluted process in the Mail App, but if you really need to recover the Email, then it is worth your time. There is an easier way to do this if you happen to be using the Spark Email App.

Spark App Email Recovery

Recovering Email in the Spark App is somewhat easier. You start out the same way by tapping on the “Inbox” icon:

Once in this area tap on the “Trash” icon:

Next, tap on the Email you wish to recover and slide it to the right:

You will see the Email is going to your “Inbox”:

Once you let go of the slide, that is exactly where it ends up:

There are less steps in the Spark App, but that is what you would expect from a very streamlined, intuitive Email App like Spark.


Have you Deleted an important Email that you need to get back? No worries! There is a way to recover Deleted Emails in iOS.