Traveling? Try A VPN

Over the last few years I have used a VPN App on my iPhone primarily when I travel through Airports and major public areas. It really is a good idea for travel, but maybe even if you are in the local shopping mall filled with people. The idea is to keep people from hijacking and/or accessing your iOS Device. Here is what using a VPN on an iPhone looks like.


If you do not use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you probably should consider it. I use PIA (Private Internet Access):

There are many others to choose from, just have a look in the App Store. If you are going to be in a highly populated area (Airport, whatever) then be sure to open the VPN App on your iPhone and turn it on:

When you activate your VPN App it will indicate it is running in some way, shape or form:

Another way to check that the VPN App is running is to check if it is running in the Settings area:

If your VPN App is running properly, it will be indicated in the Settings area. When you turn off the App, that slider goes to the left indicating your iPhone is not using VPN.

Speaking of turning off VPN, why would you turn off VPN on your iPhone? Have you ever done a speed test on your iPhone with VPN running and not running? iOS takes a big speed hit when VPN is running let me tell you.

Here is my network speed using the Speedtest App on my iPhone on my home network:

594 Mbps is pretty fast. I have really good network speed. This is the network speed with VPN activated:

With a VPN App running it is 150 Mbps. It takes a pretty big speed hit. Yes, 150 Mbps is not a bad speed, but imagine someone with an average 40 Mbps speed and that being reduced to say, 12 Mbps with a VPN activated.


There are disadvantages to running a VPN App, but they do not out weigh the benefits in Security that a VPN provides. If you do not travel or are not in highly populated areas, then perhaps you don’t need a VPN App. But, if you are in populated areas fairly frequently, I recommend buying a VPN off the App Store and running it when it makes sense.