iA Writer Preferences

In a previous article I covered how the iA Writer App works. I am still using and enjoying it. I am getting used to setting up each article inside the WordPress Editing area. Today I want to cover some Preferences in iA Writer.

iA Writer Settings

iA Writer has several Preferences some of which apply to how you interact with the App and others which affect how your documents appear.

This is the General Preference area which is the best place to start in setting up iA Writer:

The General area allows you to setup iA Writer with a look and feel that suits your needs.

Next is the Accounts Tab. This is where you setup your blog if you are blogging:

Keep in mind, if you are setting up a WordPress blog that is hosted by someone other than WordPress itself, you should install the JetPack Plugin into your WordPress site first, before you do the setup in iA Writer.

The Files Tab is pretty self-explanatory:

It comes with “New in Library” checked as the Default. I left it that way, it is the most efficient setting.

The Library Tab is all about how your files are displayed in the Library:

Check this section carefully. You may wish to do some experimentation in the Library Tab to see how it looks in the iA Writer window.

The Editor Tab may be the most important and useful Preference:

It contains everything pertaining to the Creating and Editing of your documents. There is a lot of stuff in here so don’t be afraid to experiment. It took me writing three articles for the Macessence blog to get these settings the way I liked them.

The Templates Tab is the last setting:

It lists the parameters for the various document creation Templates in iA Writer. You can play around with some of these as well depending on what you want your workflow to look like.

In addition to what I have already covered, there are other features in iA Writer that may prove useful. One of those is called Syntax Highlights. Here is what that looks like:

If you go to the Focus Menu in iA Writer you can Enable Syntax Highlights:

Syntax Highlights color codes certain parts of speech like Nouns or Adjectives. The idea is to see how you are using or over using parts of speech to improve your writing. I do not use this feature preferring to use the ProWritingAid App.


There are other things to explore and try in iA Writer, but I think I have covered the main areas. I am really enjoying this App and may just keep it for all my Macessence blog writing. You will have to interact with a small fraction of the Markdown language in iA Writer, but it is really easy to learn. I think the App is worth the $30 price tag if you are doing any amount of serious writing.