Alfred Workflow File Launcher

One thing I have done for years is to use Apps, Macros or other processes to launch groups of files. The groups of files usually pertain to a project that I am developing. I have used the excellent Alfred Utility App for quite a while now. So, I decided to try to create a group file launcher in Alfred using its Workflow feature.

Alfred Workflows

Alfred comes with several Default Workflows. There are Workflows for searching Amazon, for the IMDB movie site, for Google and several others. However, you can create your own Workflows. Alfred is very scriptable, a very versatile application. If you are not using it, there is a free version. However, most of the power user features come when you buy a PowerPack. A licence is about $30; it is worth it considering all that Alfred can do.

With Alfred you can launch groups of Apps as well as files. To create a File or App launcher just log into Alfred and click on Workflows:

You can see the various Workflows in the right side column. To create a new Workflow you click on the “Plus” symbol at the bottom of the column. You will then get this popup menu:

You want to choose Templates/Files and Apps/Launch file group from keyword. You can choose to launch from a Keyboard Shortcut as well.

Once you do that you will be asked to name your Workflow:

I don’t put too much information in here, just enough to make it work. When you are finished naming, just click “Create” and you will be taken to your Workflow:

Your Workflow is created, now you have to set it up. First, double-click on the “Keyword”:

A dropdown appears asking you to add whatever Keyword you would like to use to activate this Workflow. Be sure and click on the drop down and choose “No Argument”. When you save that window you need to double-click on the “Launch Apps/Files” icon which produces this window:

You drag your Apps or Files into this window and click Save. Then all you have to do is activate the Alfred search window and type in your Keyword and the Workflow is performed. I have setup several Workflows for launching File Groups and a couple for launching a set of Apps.


The Workflow feature in Alfred works like a charm. It is easy to use and very fast. I am sure it can so much more than launch Files or Apps, but if you are looking for a way to launch groups of Files or Apps this will do nicely.