APFS Disk Space Wonkiness

There have been bunches of complaints about the new APFS file format for the macOS. One of the most common is it does not indicate accurate information for available and used Disk Space on the Mac. I got to wondering about this so I did a little test. Here are the results.

macOS Disk Space

Keep in mind I am performing these tests on my new 2019 iMac 27″. I kind of wonder if this problem occurs on older Macs. My iMac has a 500 GB SSD for a hard drive. Here are what some of my utility Apps say about available space on my machine.

The macOS Get Info Command yields this information:

It says I have 332 GB of free space. Here is what the Disk Utility App indicates for free space:

It indicates the same thing, 332 GB of free space. Now lets look at the Daisy Disk App:

It says 332 GB of free space as well. The MacPilot Utility App agrees:

So, what can we conclude about all this? Well, I cannot believe that all these third party Apps are wrong. The third party Apps all agree with what the macOS is reporting. In my case, it appears the APFS file system is reporting the free space accurately. Of course, YMMV and I would be interested to hear from you if your APFS volume is not reporting accurately.1


Apple is continually improving and fixing the APFS file system. Obviously, it is the future of the Mac, but it has had some growing pains. I think it will be great, we just have to hang in there with its current foibles.


  1. I really am serious, send me a comment if you are having problems with the APFS free space thing. ↩︎