Block Or Allow Safari Popups

I think most of us spend a great deal of time in our web browsers. For many Mac people that is the Safari web browser. If you do a lot of surfing and/or research with Safari, you are pretty used to website Popups. I suppose they can be handy at times, but for my money they are very annoying. There is a way to turn off or control Popups in Safari, here is how that is done.

Safari Popups

To control Popups in Safari you need to go into the Preferences area and click on the Websites Tab:

2020 01 22 08 51 06

You can interact with website Popups in two ways in this window. In the center portion you can set how Popups work for specific websites. Maybe you want to exclude them from some sites, but allow them for whatever reason on other sites. However, if you just want to Block Popups altogether, then click on the “When visiting other websites” drop down:

2020 01 22 08 51 49

If you choose Block, then all websites besides the ones in the upper portion of the window will have their Popups blocked. This is the way I leave mine. If for some reason I need to allow Popups on a specific website, I set that in the Configured Websites area and then Block all others.


Blocking Popups is easy to do in the Safari web browser. You can Block or Allow as you see fit. Don’t be afraid to experiment here, you can always go back in and change the settings at any time.