Converting Images On The Mac

Apple provides Default software to do all kinds of stuff on the Mac. Their Apps are pretty well done. Because of that, many people do not use third party Apps to do things, they just use Apple’s Apps. One of those Apps is Preview which opens PDF files and Images. If you use Preview to interact with images on your Mac, then you should know it can convert Images into all kinds of different formats.

Preview Image Conversion

Here is an HEIC image opened in the Preview App. It is from the Kennedy Space Center, a very fun place to visit if you are ever in Florida:

This is in the HEIC format. If you wish to convert it into another file format just choose “Export” from the File menu:

You will be taken to a window similar to this one:

If you click on the Format menu, you will see the usual choices for converting images. Choose one of them, rename the file and save it wherever you wish.

There is one little trick here that will give you additional Format choices. If you hold down the Option ⌥ Key while clicking on the Format drop down, you are provided with more image conversion choices:

I have not heard of a couple of these formats. I suppose you could call this image conversion on steroids.

Keep in mind, the Preview App does not have sophisticated conversion capabilities like a dedicated image editing App. But, if all you are using are Default Apple Apps, Preview is very capable of doing basic file conversions.


If you are not into purchasing a dedicated third party image editing App, then use Preview. It may be adequate for your image conversion needs.