Enabling Safari Favicons

The macOS Safari App has some very nice features. One of those is the ability of activate the Favicon for your websites. The Favicon is the small icon you see next to the website name. As far as I am concerned, a Favicon really helps me identify a website quickly in my Safari Tabs. The Favicon can be activated or turned off. Here is how that works.

Favicon Activation macOS

Here is what Safari website Tabs look like without a Favicon:

Yes, you can see the website title, but you can make a quick identification of the website if the Favicon is displayed:

You can see the Favicon and identify the site quickly, especially if it is a site you go to all the time.

You need to go into the Safari Preferences Tabs Section to activate the site Favicon:

Just check the box “Show website icons in tabs”:

Now all the Tabs in Safari will have a Favicon. You can also activate the Favicon for iOS Safari as well.

Favicon Activation iOS

To activate the website Favicon in iOS you have to go to the Safari Setting area:

When you tap on the slider, the Favicon icon is activated for websites:

When you have several websites in Tabs in iOS Safari, the icons now show:

The icons are rather small on my iPad Pro, but at least they help a little with a quick identification of a website.


I think having the Favicon Icon show on websites is helpful to speeding up your workflow. It just makes it easier to quickly identify a website.