Highlighter Safari Extension

Extensions are one feature that make the Safari web browser so robust and powerful. Safari Extensions have access to the inner workings and information in Safari, so you have to make sure the Extension is from a reputable and trustworthy developer. Recently, I came across a really handy Safari Extension called Highlighter from Alex Denk software. This is a really handy Extension, especially if you do any kind of online research which I do for the Macessence blog.

Highlighter Extension

You can install the Highlighter Extension from the Mac App Store. It costs $4.99 which is definitely worth it if you do any kind of online research. When you install Highlighter, it presents a window asking you to install it in Safari. After it is installed it opens the Extensions Preference area so it can be activated:

Once it is activated, it appears in the Safari menubar area along with your other Extensions:

If you click on the Highlighter icon it presents this drop down window:

If you look at that drop down for a moment you will pretty much see what you can do with Highlighter. You can choose your highlight color. The App is preset for you to activate highlighting using the Option ⌥ Key which is very handy. Down below you see three items; “Add Note”, “Clear Highlights” and “Manage”. I will take a look at these in a moment, but first I want to show you what a highlighted web page looks like.

This is a website I frequent for Apple News. I am going to hold down the Option ⌥ Key and drag across that first paragraph:

That is what the highlighted text looks like. Now keep in mind the three menu items in the previous image above. If you do a bunch of highlighting on a page you can remove the highlighting by clicking on the Highlighter icon and selecting “Clear Highlights”. The highlights are saved when you move to another web page or shut Safari down. So, you can Delete the highlights while you are on the page, or when you come back to it later after completing your research.

Now, if you click on the Manage menu item you are taken to this window:

Then, if you click on Manage again you are taken to a window listing your highlights:

If you are doing a lot of research highlighting, this is very handy for remembering what websites have highlights for your article or paper. Also, you can double-click on any of those highlight links and be taken to that page.

If you look at the Highlighter menu again you will see “Add Note”. If you click on that, a Post-it note will appear on your web page:

You can click on that Note and place it at different locations on the page. This might be a super handy way to remind you of something when you return to a web page. The uses of the note feature are really limitless.

Your Notes are stored in the same Manage area as the highlights:

Your notes are listed here along with your Highlights. You can use the drop down menu to just display Highlights or Notes. If you double-click on a Note, it takes you to the page where the Note is located.


If you do any kind of online research for writing or any other reason, the Highlighter Extension might prove to be invaluable. Now that I know about it I am using it fairly frequently in researching and writing my Macessence blog article. There is no free trial, but for the low price of $4.99 it really is not a big risk to just get the Extension and experiment with it.