PDF Expert Reduce File Size

The premiere way to exchange and store files these days is PDF (Portable Document Format). The PDF file format is ubiquitous, everyone uses it and everyone can access it. The problem with PDF’s is they can become quite large in size depending on what kind of information is in the file. There is a way to Reduce File Size of PDF’s if you have the excellent PDF Expert App from Readdle. Here is how that works.

PDF Expert Reduce File Size

I am going to use this Router Table Organizer PDF file as an example:

The file contains many pictures so it is quite large at 7.1 MB. To get this file to a manageable size first open it in PDF Expert and select Reduce File Size from the File Menu:

You will be presented with this drop down menu:

You can select different qualities of reduction. The lower the setting, the worse the PDF will look:

This primarily affects the graphics inside the document. Documents that are mostly text based are not reduced that much. In this case I chose High which reduced the file size quite a bit:

The file is reduced to 1.3 MB which is quite a reduction. This PDF is now more suitable for Emailing or posting on a server.

There is room for experimentation here. Once I reduced this file to 1.2 MB I opened it up in PDF Expert. It still looked quite good. However, if I chose one of the lower settings such as Medium or Low, the graphics would be affected somewhat. If that is no big deal, then go head and reduce the file to a smaller size. The point is it is not a bad idea to try different Reduction settings and then see what the file looks like.

PDFPen Pro Reduce File Size

You can make a PDF smaller using the PDFPen Pro App if you have it on your Mac. Just open the PDF in PDFPen Pro and select Save As from the File Menu:

Then click on Quartz Filter and select Reduce File Size. Change the file name and save it. Here is the saved file out of PDFPen Pro:

It is reduced from 7.1 MB to 1.4 MB which is quite good. The macOS Preview App uses the same Reduce File Size from the Quartz Menu, but I think PDFPen Pro does a little better job of it.


If you work with PDF files frequently, you will need to reduce their file size for whatever your workflow is. PDF Expert and PDFPen Pro do a great job of this.