Stop Apps From Accessing iOS Data

I am always looking for information to enhance the security and privacy of my iOS experience. In so doing I came across some information about using Screen Time to manage and monitor the kind of access your children have on their iOS devices. Then I got to thinking, you could use this information for children, but you could use it for yourself as well. It is all about limiting which Apps are allowed to use which services in iOS. Here is how you do this.

Screen Time Restrictions

You start by tapping on Screen Time in your Settings area:

2020 01 16 14 36 55

Once you are in this area scroll down and tap on Continue:

2020 01 16 14 37 50

Next, you will want to tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions:

2020 01 16 14 39 03

Now comes the fun part. There are tons of settings in this area. Feel free to experiment with them. For the sake of example, lets tap on the Contacts Service (these are all Services):

2020 01 16 14 40 02

Once inside you will see a choice to Don’t Allow Changes:

2020 01 16 14 41 12

Here is what you are doing if you tap on Don’t Allow Changes. You are not allowing changes to all the Apps listed in the window below. If you prefer, you could just deactivate (move the slider) specific Apps from using the Contacts Service. Either way, if you don’t allow interaction, then those Apps will not be allowed to use your Contacts. Plus, if you install new Apps that wish to use your Contacts, they will be out of luck. 


For some this might be pretty drastic action. I can see doing this for your children to protect them. However, you might want to restrict some of this activity on your iOS Device for your privacy sake.