Airmail 4.0

Once I abandoned the macOS Mail App I have tried several third party replacements. Many of them are good, but for the most part I keep coming back to Airmail by Bloop Software. I have written other articles about Airmail, but Bloop has just released Airmail 4.0 with some neat new features. This is the Pro version which is subscription based at $9 a year. Let’s take a look at some of the new stuff that I really like in the Pro version of Airmail.

Airmail 4.0

Here is what the Airmail people say about the new features in Airmail Pro 4.0:

What’s new in Airmail Version 4.0:

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

  1. New Design (Pro)
  2. New Smart Inbox (Pro)
  3. New Search (Pro)
  4. New Themes (Pro)
  5. New Rendering (Pro)
  6. Custom Actions (Pro)
  7. Customizable Layout (Pro)
  8. Live Support (Pro)
  9. Access to iPhone and iPad (Pro)
  10. Bug Fixes and Improvement
  11. Airmail 4 requires an Airmail pro subscription.

I am not going to cover all these features, but I did want to mention a few of them that I know I will end up using.

Airmail touts new Themes, new Design and new Rendering. The way text is rendered in Airmail 4 is new and improved. It is much brighter and easier to read:

I really welcome this new and improved look in Airmail in Dark Mode. Previously, I thought the text was difficult to read in Dark Mode, but not anymore.

Part of this new look is new Themes and a setting called Bright Background for Folders in the Appearance Preference area:

I like the “Pro” theme, but you can experiment with others. And, I set my Dark Mode Folders to Bright Background which makes the Folder names easier to read.

Airmail 4.0 has a new and improved Search function:

It has a Keywords and a People section for searches. This provides more granularity for searches which can be helpful.

Another new feature is called Custom Actions in the Window Menu:

This is what Airmail says about Custom Actions:

If you want to simplify your email workflow then custom actions can help you do that. Combine steps into a custom action which you can then execute at any time. Do you want to apply a label, forward, and then archive your email with just a click or a tap? You can do it with custom actions. . .

When you go into Custom Actions you get this window:

Just add an Action:

Name the Action, assign a color and Save it. Then, you can employ it on specific emails like so:

You right-click on an Email select your Action to perform all kinds of stuff. I think this feature could end up being super powerful. I have not used it much yet, but I am sure I will. It is like performing a Macro Script to manipulate Emails, totally cool.

Airmail has had some complaints about poor support over the years. They have taken steps to remedy that in this new Pro version of their App in the Preferences area by including an Airmail Pro Tab:

You can text with Airmail Support in the Pro version of the App. They will either get back to you via Text or Email. I tried this out, and got a response within a few minutes.


There are other nice features in Airmail 4.0. Airmail is a full-featured App with all kinds of settings you can use to manage Email. That might be a bit of overkill for some people, but if you are at least an Intermediate to Power Email user, Airmail does not disappoint. I know people don’t like subscriptions, yours truly included, but Email is such a main part of my workflow paying $9 whole dollars a year for a great App is a no brainer for me. You can download a free version of Airmail from the Mac App Store, but to get the above listed features you have to pay for the Pro subscription version. There are iOS, iPadOS and Watch OS versions of Airmail which all sync through the cloud.