Airmail App Services

I am always open to testing out new Email Apps. Despite what people say these days, Email is still a big part of our Mac and iOS lives. I have tried pretty much every Email App known to man, but keep coming back to the excellent Airmail App. Yes, it costs $9 a year for the Premium Version, but If you do even a moderate amount of Emailing, it is worth it. Airmail has tons of settings and features, but today I wanted to touch on the Services area in Preferences.

Airmail Services

Most of the newer Email Apps offer some way to interact with other third party Apps like calendars, writing Apps and To Do lists. Airmail is no exception. For Airmail to interact with an App of your choice you have to go to the Services Tab in Preferences:

Airmail Services

Once you click into the Services Tab, you will see a list of available Third Party Apps with which Airmail is capable of interacting:

Airmail Calendar Service

I interact with several of these. The Calendar Service connects into the macOS calendar system. If you have more than one calendar, you can choose a Default Calendar by clicking the drop down:

Default Calendar

Speaking of calendars, I use the excellent Fantastical App for my calendaring front end. Airmail can interact with it:

Fantastical Service

As with most of the other Services, you have to Enable each one you wish to use. If you are a BusyCal fan, you are in luck:

BusyCal Service

I use Cardhop for my address book frontend:

Cardhop Service

All of these frontend Apps for calendars, addresses, etc just tap into the macOS version of that functionality. You can use the macOS Apps Calendar, Contacts and Mail Apps, but third party versions are more powerful and generally more intuitive. Of course, they cost extra money as well.

One last Service I use in Airmail is the connect to DEVONthink:

DEVONthink Service

I store all kinds of stuff in DEVONthink including Software Licenses.

To use any of these Services you just right-click on an Email and choose the Service from the Drop Down Menu:

Services Menu

The various Services you use in Airmail really make your Email workflow much more efficient. They work great and are super handy.


Airmail has several useful Services for connecting with other third party Apps. There is a free version of Airmail. Download from the Mac App Store, install it and take a look at all of the available Services. However, to get the most out of Airmails myriad Settings and capabilities you need to purchase the Premium Version from the App Store. As mentioned previously, If you do even a moderate amount of Email, the Premium Version is worth it. There is a version of Airmail for iOS as well so you have full integration with all your Apple Devices.