Bookmark All Open Safari Tabs

I do this on occasion. I am conducting some online research about a topic of interest. I want to save the bookmark Tabs for further research at a later time. One way of doing that is to save each bookmark separately. You could leave the window open and open a new browser window perhaps. But, Safari provides an easier way. Here is how that works.

Saving Multiple Bookmarks

Here is my Safari web browser with several open Tabs:

Now, if you wish to save several Tabs for further research, just go to the Safari Bookmarks Menu and select “Add Bookmarks for These 4 Tabs. . .”:

You are then presented with this drop down menu asking for a Save location and for you to Name this set of Tabs:

Once you have selected your location and named the set just click Add:

Safari then saves the Tab set to your location:

When you wish to resume this online research just select the Tab set in your menu and choose Open in New Tabs:

The Tabs are opened in your Safari browser.


This is kind of a minor Safari feature, but it could come in handy for online research or perhaps online shopping.