Deleting Mac iCloud Calendar Spam

On occasion you may end up with a rouge calendar in their Calendar App. You may have clicked on a link inadvertently or accepted an invitation without thinking about it. The end result is a new unwanted calendar on your Mac. Here is how you can Delete that calendar and change some settings in your iCloud account to help prevent future problems.

Deleting Unwanted Calendars

To Delete a rouge calendar on the Mac you begin by opening the Calendar App:

I don’t know how that “Time Tracking” calendar got in there, but I need to Delete it. The easiest way to do that is to right-click or Control ⌃ click on the calendar name and select Delete:

You will get a confirmation drop down:

It is kind of handy that it gives you the option to “Merge” the calendar. Maybe you do not wish to have this information as a separate calendar, but wish to retain it on another calendar.

By way, this Delete method works the same on BusyCal, Fantastical and other third party calendar Apps.

iCloud Settings

You can change some settings in your iCloud account that will help to prevent adding rogue calendars in the future. First, login to your iCloud account and click on Calendar:

Next, select the rogue calendar in question:

And then click on the “Gear Symbol” in the bottom left corner of the window. In the popup menu, select Preferences:

Inside this area you will get this window:

Click on Advanced and you will see a window with these choices:

Check the box for “Email me shared calendar updates” and then click Save. This setting will force any calendar sharing information or links to be Emailed to you first. More often then not they will be filtered out as Spam, but if they get through you have time to scrutinize them more carefully before accepting.


Getting rouge calendars on your Mac is not a terrible problem, but it can be annoying to say the least. It is easy to remove them and with a little effort you can setup your calendar to filter most of them out.