Disable Multitasking On iPadOS

I really love my iPad Pro. Even though it is two years old it still runs great, especially in the latest 13.3.1 iPadOS update. The new iPadOS has several new features once of which is Multitasking, having Apps and Windows side by side in the iPad screen. It think this is a pretty cool feature, but I have to admit I don’t use it too much. It seems to me some people may not use the Multitasking feature at all. If this is you, here is how to disable this feature.

Disable Multitasking

You disable Multitasking in the Settings area:

2020 01 29 13 06 15

Once in Settings scroll down and Tap on Home Screen & Dock:

Multitasking Disable

Then, scroll down and Tap on Multitasking:

Multitasking Area

When you are in this area you can disable Allow Multiple Apps:

2020 01 29 13 07 17

If you do not use the Picture in Picture feature you can disable it while you are there.


Even though the iPadOS has some great features, some of us will not be using them. There is nothing wrong with disabling them so they do not interfere with your workflow.