One Switch Utility

I am a sucker for any Mac OS Utility App that comes along. I try them, keep some and discard others. Enter the One Switch Utility App from fireball studio. What does One Switch do? I am sure you have some one off Apps on your Mac for stuff like toggling Light and Dark Mode. Maybe you have an App to prevent your Mac display from sleeping or for putting the display to sleep. One Switch assembles all those little macOS one-off App features into one place. It is “one App to rule them all”. It is really well done, here is how it works.

One Switch Functions

The One Switch App sits in your menubar on the Mac. When you click on it you get this drop down menu:

To use any of these functions you just have to click on them. One Switch turns the slider to “green” when that function is activated. Click on the function again to deactivate it. If you do not use one of the One Switch functions, then you don’t have to include it in the drop down menu. The customization of the menu is all performed in the One Switch preferences area.

One Switch Preferences

The basic settings and customization of One Switch are accessed by clicking the little gear button in the bottom left corner of the main window:

You are taken to the Preferences area. The General Tab has the usual settings:

You can start the App at login, check for updates and other things. The most important Preference is the Customize Tab:

This is where you select or deselect which Switches you wish to use in the menubar drop down. To use a Switch just check the box. To remove a Switch uncheck the box. It is really easy to scroll down the list activating the Switches (functions) that fit into your workflow. Speaking of Switches, here is a list of what is currently available in One Switch:

  1. Hide Desktop Icons
  2. Dark Mode
  3. Keep Awake
  4. Screen Saver
  5. Headphone Connect
  6. Do Not Disturb
  7. Night Shift
  8. Display Sleep
  9. True Tone
  10. Play Music
  11. Show Hidden Files
  12. Screen Resolution
  13. Screen Clean
  14. Lock Keyboard
  15. Lock Screen

That is quite a bit of stuff. I am sure the One Switch people will be adding more things over time. If your Mac does not support some of this functionality, the App notifies you.

If you click on the Shortcuts Tab you are presented with the ability to record a keyboard shortcut for each of the Switches:

I have not used this capability yet, preferring to use the menubar drop down. However, if you only use a few of these Switches you could assign a keyboard shortcut for ease of use.

One Switch costs $4.99 from their website. They have pricing levels for two or more computers. It is not on the App Store yet. If you use the SetAPP service, it is available there.


I think One Switch is a totally cool App. I will be using it going forward for my one-off App functionality on my Mac. It is easy to setup and use. It works in macOS Mojave or higher.