Out of Milk Shopping List

I have always used some type of Shopping or Todo List App. I have used several of them over the years. I switch Apps when I find one that is better than others, or when the App I am using is no longer supported. I used Wunderlist for a while, but now that it is taken over by Microsoft, I have moved on to a neat little App called Out of Milk. If you are into some type of To Do or Shopping List App, then read on while I explain how Out of Milk works.

Out of Milk on Mac

There is not an Out of Milk App on the Mac. That is a little disappointing, but not unsurmountable. To access Out of Milk on your Mac you just login to your account via their website. The iOS version of Out of Milk interacts with the Out of Milk website. Everything goes through the website account. To make things a little easier, I created a simple Application using Automator that brings up the website and logs in for me. I do most of my adding of items on my Mac, so this works well.

Here is the main window of Out of Milk on the web:

Out of Milk Main Window

To add items you click on “New Item” which produces this window:

Out of Milk Add Item

You can click Add Item or just press the Return Key ⮐ if you wish to keep your hands on the keyboard. It is easy to add items to the list.

To Delete an item just click on that symbol in the right-hand column and choose Delete Item:

Delete Item

You can also Delete an item by clicking on the Check Box next to the item and then choosing “Remove Completed” from the side menu. You can move items up and down in the list by clicking and dragging them into the desired order.

Out of Milk On iOS

Out of Milk  for iOS syncs with the version on your Web Account. Changes made in iOS are reflected on the Web version, and vice versa. You may have to force Out of Milk to Refresh, but it will update. Here is the main window of Out of Milk in iOS:

Out of Milk iOS

You Add items in the iOS App by tapping in the Add Item window and tapping “Done”:

Add Item

You can Delete an item by just swiping from right to left and tapping “Delete”:

Delete Item

If you tap on the three dot ellipsis in the right corner, a menu slides out for interacting with the item list itself. You can access Settings for the App in the bottom right corner of the App window:


Out of Milk has two other functions, Panty List:

Pantry List

I have not used this feature yet, but I think it could be kind of cool. We all stock up on stuff for our pantry (canned goods, etc.). The other function in Out of Milk is a ToDo List:

ToDo List

I have not used this feature yet either, but I can see where I could use it in the future.

I want to make some overall observations about Out of Milk. Not having an actual Mac App is a bit of a downer, but it is really easy to add stuff on the web account. Also, the iOS version of the App does work on my iPad Pro 10.5, but there is no Landscape mode. You have to turn your iPad around to Portrait. Actually, on the iPad it is almost easier to just login to the web portal and interact with that. Also, there is a Sharing feature in Out of Milk to share your lists with other people. You can just send them a list or you can add them to the account as a “Friend”. So, people can add stuff to a grocery list, for example, and you can add stuff to lists as well.


Out of Milk is a very versatile and capable Shopping / ToDo List App. It is FREE. Despite its minor shortcomings, I think I will be using it in the foreseeable future for my Shopping List needs.