Setup  Pay On Your Mac

Most people have  Pay setup on their iPhones, but may or may not be using it on their Mac. I think the main reason to use  Pay on your Mac is just pure convenience. It is linked to the Credit Card in  Pay on your iPhone. If you are interested in setting up  Pay on your Mac, read on, it is really easy to setup and maybe too easy to use.

Apple Pay Setup

The place to setup  Pay on your Mac is in the Safari web browser. You start in the Preferences area:

Once in this area click on the Privacy Tab:

If you read the fine print it says you have to confirm the payment on your iPhone or Apple Watch which is kind of a safety feature.

More and more vendors are allowing people to use  Pay at their businesses and on their websites. Here is an example at the Best Buy website:

Once you click on “Buy with  Pay” you get this drop down window:

It directs you to confirm the purchase on your iPhone (I had to remove a little info there for privacy).


Setting up  Pay on your Mac is pretty easy. It you are looking for convenience in your online shopping, it is a good way to go.