From time to time some part of the Apple Services Ecosystem goes offline. Typically, it is the Messages or App Store service. It is a total pain when it happens, thankfully it only occurs occasionally. When this happens we end up going to the web to see if the Service that is not working properly on our Mac is down. There is an easier way to check out this type of problem and it is called StatusBuddy from Gumroad. Here is how that works.


The StatusBuddy App is free, but they do request a donation if you feel up to it. StatusBuddy does one thing which is to monitor and list the status of all the Apple Services. It resides in your menubar in the macOS. Here is the main drop down:

You can scroll down the list to locate the service you are monitoring:

Now, Apple runs a lot of services. It might be easier to type in the service in the “Search Box” and let StatusBuddy find it for you.

StatusBuddy monitors all the services listed on the Apple System Status web page:

Yes, you can just go check this page, but it is much quicker and easier to just click on the StatusBuddy icon in the menubar and check the service.

StatusBuddy is a very basic App. It does have a few Settings:

You just click on the gear symbol to check or look at the minimalist Settings.


StatusBuddy is a one-off App that works just fine. It is a really easy way to check on various aspects of Apple Services.