Using Automator Applications

I use the macOS Automator App to create basic helpers for my daily workflow. I am not a programer, but I can create simple macros with the Automator App primarily by using its “Record” function which records my steps and then creates an App or Workflow. I used to mostly create Workflows, but I had problems activating them so I switched to creating Applications. Here is an example of an Application I use to write this blog.

Ulysses Open

Lately I have been using the Ulysses Writing App to create my blog posts. It is a totally cool, well designed application. Since I create quite a few blog posts using Ulysses, I decided to create an Application that opens it to a writing window. To do this I just open Automator and create a new Application from the main window. I will go through the steps for my Ulysses App in a moment, but here is how it looks when finished in Automator:

To create this App I used the Record button. All I did was click on the Record button and performed the following steps:

  1. Click on Ulysses App in the Dock to “Open”
  2. Clicked on “New Article” button in Ulysses
  3. Selected “Enter Full Screen” from the View menu drop down

When I was at that place with the writing window open I stopped the recording. You cannot really test an Application in Automator, so I saved the App out onto the Desktop and then placed it in the Applications Folder.

The macOS sees this creation as a real Application:

Because the system sees it as a newly installed Application, it presents this warning the first time you start it up:

This is the same warning you get for installing any App in macOS Mojave or Catalina. You have to go into the Security & Privacy Preferences area and activate the App in the Accessibility setting:

Once you do that, you can run the Application and all is well.

Once you have created your App you have to run it. There are different ways to do that. You could put an alias on the Desktop or just access it from the Applications Folder. You could also put it in your Dock. I use a neat little App called P-Menu to launch my most used Apps:

Whatever works for you, but you have to find a way to launch the App.


I have some other small Apps I have created using Automator to facilitate certain processes on my Mac. It is really easy to do if you just use the Record button. If you don’t like the end result, you do not have to save it.