Airmail 4.0 Unsubscribe

One of the reoccurring worst things we have to deal with is Email Spam. If you get even a moderate amount of Email, you are dealing with Spam. One of the ways to deal with Spam is Unsubscribe from the Emails you no longer wish to see. I have done an article on how to use the Unsubscribe feature. The latest version of the Airmail Email App (4.0) includes an Unsubscribe Button. It is totally cool and easy to use. It is one more reason I use Airmail. Here is how this feature works.


The Unsubscribe function in Airmail only appears on Emails it classifies as Newsletters. It is not available on personal Emails. Airmail must contain some type of algorithm that determines an Email is in the Newsletter category and then searches that Email for Unsubscribe Links.

Here is an Email I no longer wish to receive:

All you have to do to Unsubscribe from an Email like this is click on the Unsubscribe Button in the top right corner of the screen. You are taken to whatever mechanism the Newsletter author has implemented for people to Unsubscribe like so:

Just fill out or check the boxes for whatever information is required to Unsubscribe and you are done.

This Unsubscribe feature in Airmail is much easier to use than scrounging around on Email pages trying to find a tiny little Unsubscribe link somewhere in the text. Since I have been using the new Airmail 4.0 I have relied on this Unsubscribe feature more and more. It is super handy and fast.


There are lots of reasons to use Airmail as your Email App of choice. The Unsubscribe Button is just one of many.