CleanMyMac Privacy Feature

I continue to use the excellent all-in-one CleanMyMac utility. It has always done a lot of things to clean up your Mac. Plus the CleanMyMac people continue to add useful features for maintaining your Mac and keep it in tip top shape. The Privacy feature is one of those useful functions that you might consider using on your Mac. Here is how it works.

CleanMyMac Privacy

I know I have had several articles on CleanMyMac on the blog over the years, but it has so much functionality it is difficult to cover all of it in one or two articles. The Privacy function would be very helpful if you are willing to take maintaining your Mac to the next level. Here is the Privacy window in CleanMyMac:

It tells you up front this is the place to remove browsing traces and your chat data. When you click “Scan” in this window you are taken here:

If you wish to check Applications you can click on that little arrow next to an App to see what kind of access it has on your Mac. After doing this for a while I was able to Delete a few Apps that I just did not need anymore.

If you wish to Remove an App, just select it and click on the “Remove” button:

CleanMyMac removes all the listed Traces of that App as it accesses you System.

By the way, during my foray in the Privacy area I looked into Safari on my wife’s MacBook Air:

Look at how much stuff is in the Safari App! This is absolutely amazing. It might be a good idea to spend a little time in here to remove some of this junk.


The CleanMyMac Privacy feature is not exactly mind blowing, but it could be just one more tool to maintain a cleaned up Mac.