Doing Screen Recording In iPadOS

If you are the least bit technically inclined, then you probably end up helping friends and family with iPad and iPhone issues. One really cool way to demonstrate how to do something in iOS or iPadOS is to use a Screen Recording. Recording the screen of your iPad is not too difficult, but you need to activate “Screen Recording” first in the Control Center. Here is how you do this.

Screen Recording

I am doing this in iOS 13, but I think it is similar for a few previous iOS versions. I am using an iPad Pro 10.5”. To Begin, go into Settings and Tap on Control Center:

Once in Control Center Tap on Screen Recording to add it to the Control Center menu:

Once it is in the menu, drag down from the upper right corner of your iPad window to access Control Center. Then Tap on the Screen Recording icon:

The Screen Recording button will show red that it is recording:

Now, just move around on your iPad screen for your demonstration recording. You may be showing where something is in Settings, or perhaps how to use a certain feature in an App. When you are finished go back into the Control Center and Tap on the Screen Recording icon once again. You will see this message:

Your Screen Recording is automatically saved to the Photos App. If you are syncing your photos over iCloud, the recording will appear in the Photos App on your Mac after a bit. The recording is saved in Mpeg 4 format.


The iOS and iPadOS Screen Recording feature can come in pretty handy for demonstrating certain features or workflows. It might be much easier to use Screen Recording to help people than trying to describe a process verbally. One picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes.