iOS Multiple Contact Copies

One thing I have be plagued with over the past few months is multiple copies of each of my Contacts in iOS. Why does this happen? There could be a lot of causes. Maybe it was a third party Contact App that I started using. Perhaps it was just a problem with my iCloud sync. I don’t really know and I don’t really care. However, if you are having this problem there are two ways to fix it.

Multiple Contacts

The first way is to remove the Duplicate Contacts is to do it manually. I am not going to go through the steps to do that. Suffice it to say, you just have to go into the Duplicate, click on the “Edit” button in the upper right corner of the Contact, scroll down to the bottom and Tap on the “Remove” button. If you only have a few Duplicates, this is probably the easiest way to do this.

This solution is feasible even if you have several Duplicates. You can remove the Duplicates manually or you can get an application from the App Store to do that for you.

Contact Cleanup

If you are like me and all of your Contacts have multiple Duplicates, then go directly to the iOS App Store and Search for “duplicate contacts”. There are a plethora of Apps for cleaning up your Contacts by removing Duplicates. I judge by the amount of Apps out there that this is a major problem. I chose Contacts Cleanup. There is a free version, but I upgraded to the Pro version for $1.99. I assume most of the Apps work similarly, here is how Contacts Cleanup works.

Here is an example of my Duplicate Contacts:

I erased the last names, but know that all the ones with the same First Name are Duplicates. When you first open Contacts Cleanup you are asked to Import Contacts:

When you Tap on that button you get a series of screens asking for permission and providing warnings:

The App does a Backup of your Contacts before it begins. You can Skip this, but it is best to go ahead, it only takes a few seconds.

When your Backup is saved just Tap “Done”. You are taken to the apps findings about your Duplicates. I had quite a few:

This App Merges the Contacts. So, Tap on the “Auto Merge” button in the bottom window menu. Remember you have a backup if things go sideways.

You are presented with the “Merge Duplicates” Window:

You are given a screen listing the number of Duplicates. There are lots of fail safes in this process. Tap the “Merge” button:

It goes to yet another screen, just Tap on “Merge”:

I had a lot of Duplicates and it took about 20 seconds to do the Merge. When the App is done it gives you a “Merge Completed” screen:

Tap on “Done” and you are finished.

Keep in mind ALL of my Contacts were duplicated 4 times. When you are finished your Contacts have been merged and should look normal:

I removed some of these names to protect the innocent. But, my list is back to normal. I looked through several Contacts which were totally normal.


I am so glad I read about using a Contact Cleanup App like this online. That got me to searching in the App Store and the rest is history. The Contacts Cleanup App I used worked great. It was very speedy with not problems. It gets a Five Star review in the App Store.