Missing Your Startup Chime?

With each new macOS version Apple creates new and cool stuff. The same for newer Macs, they have better hardware, are faster, etc. Occasionally, Apple removes a feature preferred by most Mac users. One of those mistakes is when Apple removed the Startup Chime on the Mac. This occurred around the 2017 models. My new 2019 iMac does not have the Startup Chime. If you miss the Startup Chime as much as I do, then read on for a way to restore it.

Startup Chime

I was so disappointed when I bought my new iMac and the Startup Chime was missing. I use the Startup Chime to Restart into Safe Boot mode, to do an Option ⌥ Boot or Command ⌘ “R” to enter Recovery mode and do other troubleshooting. Without the Startup Chime, entering into these troubleshooting modes is all guesswork. Besides, I just miss the sound! It is part of the Mac DNA and it needs to be there. Never fear folks, here is how you turn on the Startup Chime on newer Macs.

This is all accomplished in the Terminal App, but never fear, it is easy. Open your Terminal app on your Mac:

Then, Copy this code from this blog article:

sudo nvram StartupMute=%00

Now, Paste the text into the Terminal App (it works best if you just copy it onto your Clipboard and don’t try to type it in manually):

Now hit Return ⮐ and you will be asked for your Mac password:

Enter the password then hit Return ⮐ again:

Now all you have to do is Restart your Mac and the chime is back! Make sure you have your sound on and turned up prior to a Restart.

If you wish to turn off the Chime again, just enter this code into the Terminal App:

sudo nvram StartupMute=%01

The Chime will be turned off after a Restart.

I need to mention one more thing here. If you reset the NVRAM as a troubleshooting procedure, the Chime will be turned off once again. You will have to run the commend in Terminal to reactivate it.


This is so cool! I think I have Restarted my iMac 5 times already just to hear the Chime!