Playing Hardball With Email Spam

In keeping with my current theme of Email Spam, I wanted to give you another alternative for removing Email Spam from your system. All our Email Apps have some type of Spam filter. Either it is on the Server like Apple’s iCloud or we use an App like SpamSieve. Now, many Email Apps have an Unsubscribe feature which I mentioned in my last article. But, what do you do with Emails that do not contain any Unsubscribe links? There is a way to deal with that.

Spam Rules

I am sure you can deal with most of your Email Spam through traditional means. However, on occasion, you get an Email that does not contain any kind of Unsubscribe link. The senders of these type of Emails are extremely persistent and down right rude for not allowing you to Unsubscribe. So, what do you do with these Emails? You probably just end up Deleting them manually and moving on. However, for this type of Spam Email there is a solution. That solution is to make a Spam Rule in your Email App that Deletes these Emails automatically.

You begin by going into the “Rules” area of your Email App. I think this would be pretty similar in most Email Apps, but I am going to use the macOS Mail App to demonstrate. First, click on the Spam Email in question to select it in your Email list. Then, go into the Preferences area and click on the “Rules Tab”:

Then click on “Add Rule” to get this dropdown Sheet:

I titled this “Spam Emails”. The Email you selected is already propagated in the rule for you. In other Email Apps you may have to copy the Senders Email address from the offending Email and paste it in here. Basically, it has to say who the Email is “From”.

Below the address area you need to click on the dropdown list and select “Delete Message”. Some Apps may have “Move To Trash” or something like that. When you click OK in the Apple Mail App it asks if you wish to Apply this rule immediately:

If you click “Apply”, it will run the rule and Delete the offending Email. Other Email Apps may not allow you to apply the rule immediately, but it will work on the next Email from this Sender.

Here is a suggestion for your Spam Rule. You don’t need to make rules for every separate problem Email. All you have to do is click on the plus symbol in the “From” area and add the additional offending address as long as the rule is set to any of the following conditions are met.


Keep in mind, if you can deal with Spam Emails in the usual ways, then do it. This Spam Rule idea is just for persistent Spam Emails that you cannot seem to remove in any other way.